Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Real Estate Business

July 10, 2017 6:53 pm

unnamedAre you using LinkedIn to boost your real estate business? If not, you should be! Simply put, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It is for anybody and everybody interested in connecting with other professionals and finding new opportunities to grow their careers. Specifically, it creates the opportunity for real estate agents to grow a network, establish credibility in the real estate industry, and demonstrate subject-matter expertise.

How to Use LinkedIn for Real Estate:

  • Reconnecting: Extend invitations to old colleagues, teachers, schoolmates and others connections that you think are beneficial to have in your professional network.
  • Researching: Meeting someone new or looking for information about a company or organization? See if they have a profile on LinkedIn that can provide some additional insight.
  • Building referral and strategic alliances: Reach out to new colleagues, business partners, other professionals and experts in your field that you think you can learn from and that may be able to help with your professional growth and endeavors. Examples: home builders, HR professionals who focus on relocation, mortgage planners and interior designers
  • Participating in relevant groups: Joining a LinkedIn Group is a great way to connect with other professionals who have the same interests or are working in the same industry. Start participating in the group dialogue and other members may decide that they want to connect with you.
  • Blogging about what you know: LinkedIn’s publishing platform, allows users to post blogs and gain the opportunity to have their content read by thousands. Any blog you share will show up in your profile, which helps increase your credibility in related fields that are relevant to your industry.
  • Making recommendations: Few things are more powerful than what others have to say about you. Not only should you occasionally ask for recommendations, but you should also consider saying a few nice things about individuals with whom you work or partner regularly.

Remember, LinkedIn is a social media platform that requires frequent updates. It is important to complete your profile, add new connections, and engage with your network by updating your status, sharing important articles, or engaging in conversations or activity around another member’s profile (such as promotions, job changes, and questions). Being active is essential to growing and expanding your network and growing your business.

No matter the platform, providing value is essential. LinkedIn is a great place to engage with people and speak about business, whether it’s knowledge of the upcoming pipeline of new developments or briefly sharing trends about business.